What Kind of Bass Your Need for Your Music: Get the best One for That

Go to a store and try it. Take the guitar, plug it into an amplifier, feel your footprint, touch it sitting, stand up, feel comfortable, sound pleasing there are no rules, your hands, eyes and ears will tell you what sound it has more to do with your style.

Why not a kit?

If you’re starting now, kits can be an excellent acquisition with cost-effective thinking. Usually the packs come with all the accessories you need to start playing: guitar, amplifier, strap, cover, tuner, strings and straws.

Control yourself

A guitar with a well-adjusted action should be comfortable for your hands and fingers, you do not have to have a walrus footprint to make a C major chord, for example. You do not have to be an “Iron Man” to play “Iron Man”.

If you are not comfortable, it may be the model or it may be the regulation, usually the problem is not you. So having a visit to https://musiety.com/fender-precision-bass-review-the-living-legend/ will make the things proper.

Keep an eye on the configuration

Guitars are made of wood and the wood changes according to the humidity and temperature of the environment. From the manufacturer to the distributor and distributor to a store, some features of the instrument can be modified. But do not worry! This is normal and guitars are highly adjustable instruments. Good setup can make an incredible difference in the instrument.

The amplifier

An amplifier, whether good or bad, changes the sound of the guitar. There are several models of amplifiers with different effects and characteristics. If you’re experimenting with guitars in a store, try testing them on the same amplifier and if that amp has features you enjoy – or, if possible, bring your own amplifier to test a new instrument.

Ask your guitarist friends for help

Choosing and buying the first guitar is an important event and that will possibly be one of the most important aspects of your learning. If you feel insecure to choose an instrument alone, get help from a friend you already play and invite him to help you with this new adventure. The meeting may yield several other tips from those who already understand the subject.

Keep in mind the style you like

Seek references from guitarists who inspire you. Observe the timbres, identify what makes you vibrate with that sound, technique or instrumentalist.


Go to a store, feel the instrument. He needs to inspire you. There are no rules for inspiration. But there are things that can only be perceived live.

Touch without plug

Feel it again. Notice how long the notes take to disappear. The longer the atmosphere, the more the instrument can do for you.

Test amplifiers near your reality

Playing it in a high performance amp will allow you to know the potential of the instrument, but it is good that you have an idea of ​​how it will behave in your day to day.

Feel again and compare

Each guitar is unique. Do not be shy. If you chose a model, ask to test some similar units. There are unlikely differences hidden in apparent resemblance.

There will always be inexplicable factors

Be open to them. You will know when you have found your instrument. In fact, they choose us. It’s so magical.

Instrument is not a good. It’s love. They will not always pay the bills or justify the cost, but they can put you in motion. And being on the move is what matters in the end.